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  • Are you a high growth and high impact potential start-up, or a Small and Growing Business (SGB)?
  • Do you need help optimizing your revenues and freeing up cash flows to leverage sustained growth in profitability, scale-up operations or seize investment opportunities?
  • Are you thinking of automating your finance business function or streamlining your business systems and process to become super-efficient and drive decision making with much precision and insight?
  • Are you considering equipping the financial capacity of your human resources to become forward-thinking finance business leads that creates distinct value?
  • Would your strategic planning be enhanced with the input and unique perspective of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Innohub is your ideal finance business partner.  Our professional team will collaborate with you on a day-to-day basis to provide valuable real-time feedback to help drive business results while impacting desired financial returns.

As a visible company, we leverage collaborative networks with experienced industrial players, best finance talents to deploy solution-based tactics and winning strategies to ring fence our clients’ interest in handling finance business risk.

Innohub brings to the table a winning-team of dedicated, result-oriented, and resourceful senior finance controllers and trusted advisors with a wealth of shared finance business partnering expertise to help you rethink your business growth model, and double-up revenue within three years.

At Innohub;

  • We devise SOLUTIONS that work for our clients and partners.
  • We LISTEN, we OBSERVE, we CONNECT, we ENGAGE, and we ACT.
  • We believe in VALUE and we DARE to CREATE it
  • We think like CEOs but act like CFOs. 
  • We bring numbers to LIFE and turn financial DATA into actionable INSIGHT to influence BOTTOM-LINE gains.

Our comprehensive suite of expert solutions includes:

  1. Financial Planning and Growth Strategy
  2. Top-line & Bottomline Optimization
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions
  4. Business Valuation & Analysis
  5. Transaction / Deal Advisors
  6. Start-Up Financial Accelerator
  7. Business Troubleshooting
  8. Financial Capacity Building & Coaching
  9. Financial Automation, Control & Compliance.
  10. Financial Modeling and Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis
  11. Grant Financial Management, Grant Accounting and Donor Fund Reporting
  12. Business Transformation – Turnaround / Restructuring of distressed businesses

Connect with us today for a free consultation and let’s help you build your business!!!