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It is a real good time to talk about nutrition. Inclusive growth, accessibility, availability, and sustainability of familiarized agri business, the way to go!

My name is Catherine Boafo Ashong the founder and CEO of Mawutwueni Ghana Ltd, a Social Enterprise, Agro-Processing company, and Skills Training Hub. Mawutwueni Ghana uses Ghanaian raw materials to process Food, Home and Personal Care products to consumers around the globe while reducing poverty (SDG Goal 1) and improving good health and wellbeing (SDG Goal 3) in a sustainable and profitable manner.


What We Do

Instant Cereals, Instant Nuts & Paste, Palm Kernel Oil, Entrepreneurial Training Services.

FDA certified, our M Cereal Mix comes in 5 varieties: Rice, Maize, Wheat, Millet, Non-Lactose. We also have other products, M Groundnut Paste, M Kernel Oil, M Chili Pepper powder.

I participated in the Innohub and British Council’s Enhancing Employability of Urban Youth Programme (EEUY). At the time of the program, I worked from home with two contract staff. The program equipped me with business development skills, financial literacy, and a pool of Entrepreneurial networks. Through the program I have become a member of Social Enterprise Ghana and formalized my agro – processing company. Our staff are now seven (7) and we look forward to growing bigger and employing more women and youth.


Connect with us;
Facebook: @Mawutwueni.products
Instagram: @mawutwueni.products
Twitter: @Mawutwueni
Call: 0303969210
Call / WhatsApp: 0241720590
Call / WhatsApp: 0244981090

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