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Time and time again, the problem of access to finance comes up in narratives around the scaling of SGBs. This goes along with discussions on the need for these SGBs to create traction, build a network, demonstrate consistency, etc. to attract investment.

Innohub recognizes this conundrum especially in the context of the missing middle. Thus, as we continue to support SGBs to become sustainable, scalable and investment ready, we have doubled up by collaborating with local and international funding institutions that share a similar vision of witnessing SGBs thrive. One such collaboration is with Fidelity Bank on the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Fund (FYEF) that was recently launched. This support compliments core services that we have been consistently providing over the years which are primarily training and growth consulting.

FYEF targets SGBs that are at the early and growth stages of development and operate in the fashion, technology, food services, agriculture and agro-processing, health services, transportation, WASH, and manufacturing sectors. Debt funding of up to GHS 200,000 will be provided for a duration of up to 5 years based on the need and the results of thorough due diligence.

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