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Pamela Chicks & Feed, and Eazz Foods have won funding for their businesses through the 2021 GrEEn Innovation Challenge. The two(2) were among twelve(12) green businesses and entrepreneurs operating in the Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana to have received a combined matching grant of GHS 1,170,000 under the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation’s Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn) Project Innovation Challenge.

Green Innovation Challenge is a yearly competition aimed at supporting SMEs and businesses that have outstanding, innovative green ideas. The Challenge forms part of GrEEn’s objective of supporting entrepreneurs and green SMEs to increase their operations.

Pamela Chicks & Feeds, a beneficiary of the GrEEn Acceleration Program which is being implemented by Innohub under the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation’s Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn) Project, operates a unique poultry farm business model that produces pullets (ready to lay birds) for supply to poultry farmers. The farm produces commercial poultry birds (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl) using mainly probiotics. This limits any use of antibiotics and artificial supplements. Pamela Agbotse leads a team of seven (7), who are experienced in various capacities of the company’s business operations. Pamela Chicks and Feeds looks forward to using the secured funds to strengthen the company’s operating model and to facilitate its strategic growth objectives.

Eazz foods, a beneficiary of Innohub’s Agritech Investment Readiness Accelerator program, dries eggs to make it Easier to use, Easier to Transport and Best for Industrial Purpose. The company’s mission led to the development of their own drying technology. With this technology, Eazz Foods have partnered with KNUST (Food Science Department) to use one of their building as their drying center for egg and also partnered with the Ghana Poultry Project (USDA initiative) to source raw materials (eggs) from 20 small holder women poultry farmers with a total of over 100,000 birds. Kwaku Adjei, CEO of Eazz Foods leads a team of eight (8) with backgrounds in food science and engineering. The company’s top products include; Whole Egg Powder, Egg White Powder, Egg Yolk Powder, Egg Shell Powder, and Harden Eggs.

The Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn Project) contributes to addressing the root causes of irregular migration by supporting sustainable and climate resilient local economies, green jobs and development in regions of departure, transit and return. Funded by the European Union and implemented together with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), SNV through the GrEEn project, focuses on the following two result areas:

  1. Employability and entrepreneurship capabilities of youth, women and returnees are improved in sectors of economic opportunities.
  2. Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs), offering decent and sustainable jobs to youth, women and returnees, are incubated and/or accelerated and contribute to green and climate resilient local economies.

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