Sinapis Business Academy

Providing a global training experience tailored for small and growing local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Sinapis Programme

The Sinapis Program provides a global training experience tailored for small and growing local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who target to build profitable and sustainable businesses. Sinapis adopts a mix of rigorous business training, world-class consulting and mentorship,and access to seed capital, to empower entrepreneurs to scale up their ideas and businesses.

With over 1,100 entrepreneurs trained across East and West Africa, and South America, the program offers participants great opportunities to create lasting partnerships for accelerated growth.

Nurture. Grow. Glorify.

Our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the developing world with innovative, scalable business ideas by providing them with a rigorous, Christ-centered business education, world-class consulting and mentoring services and access to seed capital. Through these means, we strive to create ethical business leaders, sustainable employment and an improved quality of life for many that we may glorify God in service of His people. At Sinapis, we nurture seeds of ideas into strong businesses.

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Designed for Entrepreneurs

The Sinapis Entrepreneurship Training Program is a four-month advanced entrepreneurial training program that is similar to a mini-MBA in content and rigor but is specifically designed for Entrepreneurs in Ghana. Sinapis delivers its world-class curriculum in partnership with the Acton School of Business, an MBA program in the U.S. which is solely focused on Entrepreneurship.

Our Curriculum

Through years of development across hundreds of hours of instruction and businesses, the Sinapis curriculum has been designed and refined to achieve its objectives. Our curriculum focuses on these core components to deliver value to our entrepreneurs.

Practical Classroom Instruction

Each class presents the most critical and intensely practical information necessary in a given topic that is relevant to entrepreneurship. Sinapis is less theory and more practical knowledge.

Case Study

The Sinapis curriculum utilizes the case study method to present realistic scenarios to students for debate, exercises, and to provide opportunities for thoughtful reflection.


Unlike a typical MBA class where the lecturer speaks and the class listens, each class is designed to be interactive, weaving practical business concepts with opportunities to learn. With a mix of exercises, case studies, and discussion, students have as much time as possible to interact, question and understand the classroom material.

Real-world Assignments

Students receive a practical assignment each class related to the class topic. Often, this assignment is designed for the student to both validate their business concept and build the foundation of their business plan.

Peer-led Accountability

Being accountable to your classmates surely sounds fun! Sinapis students are not only responsible for their own assignments, but they also accountable to one another. Students must set their own milestones, communicate them to their learning group peers, and then report back on their progress to this same group each week.

What makes the Sinapis Programme Unique?

It’s Extremely Practical

Sinapis recognizes that building a business is a hands-on process and has ensured that the program is extremely practical. This is not your typical classroom environment. You will work on your business every week during class and in the field as you immediately implement lessons learnt in your business.

Designed for Startups or SGBs

The Sinapis program is designed for startups or SGBs. The content is therefore intentionally customized to give these entrepreneurs the essential skills needed to successfully grow and run their companies.

Valuable Network and Visibility

At Sinapis you will expand your network and gain visibility for your business. You’ll meet lots of other entrepreneurs and interact with Innohub trainers who are experienced practitioners. You’ll form close bonds with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs who will hold you accountable and support you through the entrepreneurial journey. Many Sinapis entrepreneurs end up doing business together or connecting each other to beneficial resources that help grow their businesses.

Kingdom Business Approach

Learn how to integrate your faith within your business and use your business to glorify God in the marketplace!

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