Our Services

At Innohub, we believe in tailoring enterprising solutions to poverty and underdevelopment. Whether you have an idea, starting out, going through a rebrand, launching in a new market or simply fundraising to expand your business, Innohub offers carefully curated services based on your unique needs to provide a truly excellent experience.

In collaboration with our strategic partners, we support high growth and high impact potential start-ups and SGBs to become investment ready, sustainable, and scalable to achieve profitability and social impact.

Our services include;

Growth Consulting

We offer business development and support services to organizations and individuals including Business Strategy Development, Business Model Validation, Growth Strategy Design, Business Plan Documentation, Financial Planning, etc. Our bespoke growth-oriented consulting services have been designed to help Small and Growing Businesses validate/refine their business models and their growth plans. We deploy world class consulting tools and standard practices to support our clients build growth-oriented business models and strategic implementation plans.

Our approach and tools will help you interrogate the assumptions behind your business and arrive at realistic but audacious growth ambitions. Our strategy is to take a deep dive into markets and help you understand your target or existing markets like no one else does. We help you get into the minds of the customer, as you address the question of “where to play”.

Enterprise Support Programs and Grants Management

We have proven expertise in the 360 degrees management of Enterprise Support Programs and Grants Management. We support right from Program Conceptualisation, Design, Execution, Tracking and Reporting. We work with various institutions and funders of these programs to ensure high quality delivery, achievement of program objectives and value for money.

Innohub has partnered with organizations such as the World Bank, British Council, GIZ, French Development Agency and Solidaridad to implement various business incubation and accelerator initiatives. Our satisfied institutional partners are happy to keep working with us, as well as recommending our services to others.

Market-Entry Support

We help new entrant companies’ projects as well as new products and services successfully launch and establish local market presence. We help provide country overview, industry specific information, market insights, tailored implementation, and entry strategy, etc. For locally present companies who seek to launch new products, our Market-Entry Support service will help you do it the right way.

Business Training Programs

We offer our own training programs for startups and SMEs at our Sinapis Academy, as well as client-specific training programs upon request. We have developed tailored training or support materials and have also used various specialized training materials or methodology from various organizations.

Capital Raise Support

We support SMEs with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors. Our satisfied clients have successfully raised funding from both local and international sources. In line with our desire to bridge the early and missing middle funding gap for SGBs, Innohub is the sponsor of finance vehicles like Wangara Green Ventures Capital Limited with a $3.2m grant from the World Bank, and the Accra Angels Network.

Managed Services

We support you in designing and implementing operational and management systems, manuals, and protocols. Services under this include, but not limited to Business Management Support, Finance Management/CFO Services, Operations oversight, Business Reporting support, Strategy Execution Support, Commercial Strategy Implementation, etc.

Market Research

We have strong expertise in conducting research across diverse industries and subjects.