Get Capital Raise Support to Scaleup your Business!

As an impact investment platform, one of our core services is to support Small & Growing Businesses (SGBs) with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors. In this regard, Innohub has developed this platform to connect your business to investors as a financial solution to help solve your financial needs, and to enable you scale up.

If you’re an entrepreneur or SGBs in need of Capital, this platform will take you through a step by step processes to ascertain your investment readiness and also pinpoint how far along you are as a business.

Access to funding through Innohub Capital Raise Connect is a 6 step Application and Selection Process;



by Entrepreneur/SME

Eligibility Check

by Innohub


by Innohub


by Innohub and Applicant

Initial Due Diligence

by Innohub

Investment Facilitation

by Innohub

In order to enable Innohub adequately assess your suitability to any of our funding pools, please click the link below and provide the requested information. Please return to this page and finalize your application after completing link form.

                        Capital Raise Assessment Form          

Entrepreneur & Company Details

Number of staff (Please type 0 if not applicable).
No. of Male No. of Female
Fulltime staff
Part-time staff

Business Registration

Details of directors (including shareholding).
   Name of Director  Percentage Shareholding
Director 1
Director 2 
Director 3
Director 4
Director 5

Financial Snapshot 
Please provide annual revenues for the past 3 years, beginning from the previous year but excluding the current year (eg. Year 1 - 2020, Year 2 - 2019, Year 3 - 2018). (Put 0 if not applicable)
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
3-Year Revenues

Capital Raise Requirements

B. Business Assessment Questionnaire

Key Management Team
Educational Background Years of Experience Roles & Responsibilities
CEO/Lead Entrepreneur
Operations Manager
Finance Manager
Marketing Manager
HR Manager
Chief Technology Officer
Business Development Manager

Products and Services

Market Size


Growth Strategy

Key Business Drivers

Key Assets

Major Customers

C. Key Information Availability Checklist

Business Operations
Yes No

Business Registration 
Yes No
Year-to-date Financials (Unaudited)
Yes No

Audited financial statements (3 years)
Yes No

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Yes No

Sales and Revenue Forecasts
Yes No