Invest in an SME to Scaleup!

As an impact investment platform, one of our core services is to support SMEs with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors. In this regard, Innohub has developed this platform to connect businesses to investors as a financial solution to not only help solve the financial needs of SMEs, and enable them scale up, but also serve as an avenue which will provide investors an ideal and diversified pool of potential investee companies.

If you’re an investor, ready to offer capital support to entrepreneurs or SMEs, this platform offers you a secured and easy access to highly vetted companies who are investment ready to build your portfolio.

Access to Potential Investees through Innohub Capital Connect is a 6 step Process;


Initial Contact

by Potential Investor

Eligibility Check

by Innohub


by Innohub


by Innohub and Investor

Due Diligence

by Innohub

Investment Facilitation

by Innohub

In order to enable Innohub adequately connect you to a suitable potential investee company, please provide the following requested information.

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What form of capital/funding/investments would you like to provide?
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