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Women are increasingly being more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, mainly because they represent the majority of the world’s poor and are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources.

However, the uneven gender opportunities in climate finance have led to side-lining of female participation in climate action. Research shows that, increasing women’s participation in climate actions could contribute significantly to the attainment of climate goals through sustainable management and use of natural resources with significant social impacts.

Areas where female led green business face the most challenge include the lack of access to business development support and climate finance.

Innohub Foundation in partnership with Wangara Green Ventures launched the ‘Women-In-Climate Accelerator’ program targeted at offering female climate entrepreneurs with business development support and access to funding. The program offers support to female led green businesses tackling climate related issues in sectors such as; Energy, Agriculture, WASH, Health, etc.  The program adopts core growth consulting methodologies intended to put women led climate smart SMEs on the path of sustained growth and make these businesses investment ready.

Amongst other benefits of the program include; investor matching opportunities with investment partners such as Wangara Green Ventures, Accra Angels Network, and ABSA Bank Ghana, access to coaches and mentors, further capital raise support with other investors and co-working spaces that provide the needed infrastructure for collaboration.

Admission to the program is on a rolling basis and applications are opened all year round.

Visit link;  to apply.