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Giddins Ghana Company Limited operates in the leather value chain industry where we are predominantly noted for manufacture, distribution and sale of topnotch handmade shoes, slippers, sandals, belt, and bags. Our core mission is to sustainably develop the local footwear and leather value chain sector by crafting products that are of high quality, durable, environmentally and user friendly, while creating impact in the community with its manufacturing operations. Our company is positioned to have 40% of its products made from recycled and sustainable raw materials and also involve populations at the base of the pyramid in its production process.

Innohub Inclusiveness

In our bid to seeking growth strategy and raising capital for the business, we were introduced to the AFIDBA program by a colleague company LeatherOnCall Ghana Limited who had previously benefited immensely from the program. The program supported us with the right technical and expert advice on business growth, financial modelling and how to actively tailor our business operations towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. The inclusiveness nature of our business has been intensified and hoping to deepen our efforts, with all the trainings and knowledge gained during the AFIDBA 6-months acceleration program.

These intensive and comprehensive six months of acceleration crystalized our company mission, growth strategy, target markets and product lines through a series of constructive and interactive workshops, one -on-one meetings with subject experts, and the online course portal for further studies.

That be said, the financial component came at the right time, as it served as a catalyst for increasing our production efficiency, through the purchase of some important equipment and stocking with raw material

After an intensive 6-months acceleration program with Innohub, Giddins Innove emerged as one of the overall winners to receive funding. Together with the other winning startup, we were awarded a total of 28,100EUR at an award ceremony organized by the French Development Agency. Donation of the cash fund was led by the French Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Anne Sophie Ave.

The after support of monitoring and evaluation is one aspect of the program I again cherish so much. This has put me as an entrepreneur and business owner on my toes to do my best and know there is a family watching me and my team to succeed.

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