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LeatherOnCall Ghana Limited is currently involved in retail, production and distribution of handy products and gift items including bespoke casual shoes and sandals, laser engraving and printing (for personalized wood and leather products), men’s wallet, belt, wooden key chains, card holder, books and journals, wall frames, and other leather product. The company is also involved in engraving and printing on wood and leather products to meet personalize customer demands.


Innohub Inclusiveness:

Our engagement with Innohub dates back 2019, LOC was privileged to get training from NEIP under which we were trained by Innohub as one of the hubs designated by this Government flagship program to give coaching, business support in areas of business plan writing, investor readiness and financial support services.

We then had the privilege of joining the AFIDBA program which was a game changer to our business growth not only for the financial bit but helped remodel the whole business concept. Innohub was keen on solving and filling the gaps/loose holes in our business. Through the AFIDBA Programme we were able to develop both the human and financial needs our company was lacking through the series of training, practicality and diverse knowledge sharing, much pressing issues facing us in our business was resolved before the 6-month Programme ended. We were able to expand our product lines, acquire new machines to aid in production and expand our training programs to those under the BOP populated locality.


Innohub I will always say is a LIFE SAVER. The support from Innohub, gave a new definition to our business through the vigorous remodeling phases of the business to be seen not as a footwear manufacturing brand but as a go-to-bespoke gift haven company utilizing the use of sustainable materials in producing our products and services. Innohub also helped in connecting the dots, from Sourcing of raw material, Production, Customization/Branding, Sales and Marketing-Shop & Online, Delivery, Customer Service, and After sales support services.

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