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The Israel-Ghana AgriTechAccel Program is an innovative 3-month program offering tailored support for Ghanaian AgriTech start-ups with existing technologies, to refine the technological component of their ventures through mentorship from experts, and tech innovators with relevant market and industry information.

To bridge the existent gap, the Israeli Embassy in Ghana, Innohub and the Pears Program for Global Innovation provided a well thought through program that relied on Innohub’s understanding and vast experience working with Ghanaian SGBs for the past five years and Pears Group’s access to tech experts who served as coaches to the start-ups.

A demo day event was held at Alisa hotel in Accra where participants pitched their businesses to a panel and received awards for their participation in the program.

The start-ups are as follows;

i. Sesi Technologies- a Ghana-based agritech company that is developing technologies to solve problems in Africa’s food systems. The Company provides a suite of affordable technology solutions to help smallholder farmers and agribusinesses reduce losses, increase productivity and maximize profits.Sesi Technologies seeks to be a one-stop center for the post-harvest needs of smallholder grain farmers by providing a comprehensive post-harvest management solution that includes services like drying, threshing, warehousing, storage and market access.

ii. AIScarecrow – a crop protection startup that uses an innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective means to successfully ward off pest birds from cereal farms, using aural and visual aids that are biologically understood by the birds. These aids work on the natural fear instincts of the birds hence effectively triggering a fright and flight mechanism, causing them to flee and saving the farmer valuable time and money. aiScarecrow Technologies also offers drone spraying services.

iii. Sustainable Energy Technologies Limited (SETL) – a social enterprise that supplies renewable energy technologies for agriculture and agro-processing in Ghana and Africa. SETL produces and supplies clean cooking solutions as well as solar-powered irrigation systems for smallholder farmers and farmer cooperatives in Ghana. The innovation is a smart irrigation system embedded with a pay- as-you-go payment platform that enables smallholder farmers to access clean water through a flexible payment scheme whiles watering their crops remotely and managing water usage effectively.

iv. SAYeTech – a product and a service-oriented Limited Liability company that designs and builds smart agricultural machinery suited for African conditions and use. SAYeTECH is an entrepreneurial design, manufacturing and service provision company; for agricultural machines. SAYeTECH also provide fabrication training and computer-aided design services to impact the manufacturing industry and organizations.

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