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Innohub is a business accelerator and impact investment platform that supports small and growing businesses to become sustainable, scalable and investment-ready. Over the years, our amazing team has provided tailored assistance to businesses across diverse sectors to help them pursue growth.

Here is a unique opportunity for you to join the dynamic team at Africa’s world class business accelerator.

We are onboarding two people under our one-year Business Fellowship Program. In this role, you will support businesses at various stages to build/validate their business models, design business strategy plans, support with growth planning, help make them investment ready, write funding proposals and do many other fun stuffs.

If you are passionate about working with businesses to grow, the Business Fellowship Program offers you that uncommon opportunity to realize your passion as you deliver results, learn and work with other like-minded young professionals. And of course, you will earn in the process.

You want to join us? Click the form below and tell us more about you and what you bring to the table.

Apply here:

Deadline: 23rd April 2021